Benefits of Immigration and Work Permit Visa Screening Document Verification Program!

In order to enter the lucrative immigration destinations like America, Canada, Australia or in European countries or to remain residing there to be eligible for various immigration-related benefits, non-citizens (aliens) and work permit visa applicants goes down on to the dirtier side of the game. They actually forge the documents to stay in compliance with the immigration and nationality laws.

According to CNN crime report, document forgery and fake documentation usage is one of the foremost crimes in leu to immigration and work permit visas, where people are alleged to severe fraudulent charges, prison and deportation.

Employers are also facing a great deal of reputation loss when they find out that they hired an employee who have fake identity, fake driving license, fake education or even forged employment history. The liabilities of negligent hiring lawsuits are increasing as documentation forgery has become a million dollar business.

Usually in work permit visa issuance and employment, there are third parties or agents are involved who works as a bridge between work permit visa applicant and the employer. And mostly they are found alleged of advising the applicant to forge the documents to fulfill the requirements of the employer and the position applied.

Recently CBC News mentioned a story as, “The Canada Border Services Agency accused Bradley Jacobson and Kendall Schmidt of developing false businesses and using false documents to target more than 300 foreign nationals. The fake businesses and documents were used in order to bring would-be immigrants to Canada for a fee”, the federal agency said.

Fox News mentioned a story as, “Authorities in New Mexico said they busted of a fraud ring that allegedly forged false documents for undocumented immigrants who wanted to obtain a driver’s license”.

Every single day the news papers and online news communities are filled with these types of news, daunting to the governments and employers for inland security, terrorism and reputation all together.

What are the Benefits Immigration and Work Permit Visa Screening Document Verification!

  1. Ensures merit based immigration programs are not compromised or circumvented.
  2. Allows embassy and immigration department staff to concentrate on strategic and analytical activities.
  3. Protect national security.
  4. Ensures that only fully qualified persons are admitted to sensitive sectors e.g. medical or engineering.
  5. Enables all applicants to be treated uniformly and fairly.
  6. Acts as a strong deterrent to the commission of documentation fraud.


Forged documentation is used by many aspiring immigrants and economic migrants to gain visas and work permits. This is unfair to well qualified applicants, undermines merit-based immigration programs and risks a public backlash against immigration policies. It also threatens national security when used by criminals and would-be terrorists to fabricate bogus identities.

Immigration document verification is the only reliable way to deter against ever increasing illegal immigrants and work permit visa applicant who uses fake documents to land a lucrative job opportunity for them.

Comprehensive immigration or work permit visa screening program will not only reduce the liability from the government authorities and employers but it can also help in nominating the righteous immigrants to enter the premises of their country and help employers to hire the best employees to fit in their organizations.

An Evolved Economy Business Makes It Simple to Make Money

There’s a tried and true maxim in business – to make more money you have to 1) find more customers – ie make more sales 2) retain more customers – because the cost to acquire a new customer is usually higher than the cost to keep an existing customer 3) increase your margins – in other words, raise your prices so that the gap between what something costs you and what you sell it to your customer for is greater and 4) control expenses – ie, spend less. Only these 4 things can save your bottom line in a traditional business.

The problem is, most businesses don’t survive long enough to prove out the maxim. In fact a recent study, by S. Ghosh – a Senior Harvard Lecturer, published in the WSJ states that 95% of start-ups fail when failure is defined as failing to see the projected return on investment-say, a specific revenue growth rate or date to break even on cash flow.

The WSJ article was looking more at venture-backed companies and start-ups taking outside capital. But even considering traditional small businesses, doubtless you have heard the oft-cited statistics that 80% fail within the first five years – and it’s usually because of a lack of capital. In other words, they run out of money.

Now I want you to picture your first five years owning your own business using a different business model – that of the Evolved Economy. We know that for a franchise you might invest $20k up to $1 million or more to get started. We know if you attend college or university you could spend between $5000 to more than $50,000 per year for 4+ years. In the model based on the Evolved Economy, you can expect to invest just $1200 to start (and for those who are currently facing really tough times, it is possible to start for half as much!), pay as little as $75/week in overhead, be able to earn money in your first 24 hours, have an in-demand high-quality and consumable product, hit close to break-even in your first 30 days in operation, pass break-even and speed into profitability in as little as 2-5 months, and within 5 years enjoy unparalleled earnings opportunity. It’s like receiving a model airplane with a set of instructions to put it together. Only this is describing a particular method of doing business. The business plan is written for you and you follow it precisely.

Not only that but as a business owner and investor generating residual income, you can sustain this business for as many decades as you live and pass it on as a legacy to your children or grandchildren because you will have built a financial wall around your family – something they will thank you for during unsettled and challenging economic times. And you do this regardless of your education, experience, background, race, religion, or geographic location.

How is that possible, you ask? How can it be so simple to make money in an Evolved Economy business? And is it guaranteed?

Well, let me walk you through the exact path to wealth with the company I have partnered with, keeping in mind that the system is in place to pay you but you alone are responsible for your results. As a business owner, only you are accountable for the hours you put in and the efficiency and effectiveness that yield results. When you follow the system, you get rewarded.

Because I am a business owner using the model of the Evolved Economy, I can comment based on my own business experience. For instance, using this model you could partner with a global company whose product just happens to be super nutrition and skincare targeting weight loss, healthy aging, and energy & performance – a 12 year old company (that’s important – they have survived and thrived way beyond the 5-year mark!) that is in so much momentum they created 19 millionaires in the first 8 months of 2014.

Here is the system you will follow that will have you smiling because it is so simple to make money – and feel great, be of service, and contribute to others.

Who likes Bonuses and appreciates Promotions? When you share this amazing super-nutrition with two people in one week, my partner company will recognize and acknowledge your efforts, will promote you, and will pay you $50. To jumpstart you and applaud you for hitting the ground running, when you share with 2 people in the first two days, you receive an additional $50 Crystal Consultant Bonus.

DPIB’s: We are Business Builder’s and we recognize the tremendous opportunity represented in being able to begin a business-in-a-box for about $1200; $1099 plus tax + shipping, actually. When you make a conscious, deliberate commitment to reach out to other business builders and share with two people who follow your lead – by jumping in with both feet and also enrolling with the Business Builder Pak – my partner company will pay you $600. So now you have $700 cash back within 7 days of starting your new business! My partner company calls this “You plus Two.”

That means that for a net of just $400 you receive over $1400 worth of product and marketing materials – that’s like getting a 70% discount!! Plus you replace over 100 meals, you have product to share with friends, and a wide array of products to sample that target weight loss, energy & performance, skin care, and healthy aging. Additionally you receive free membership that entitles you to back-end systems and you receive freeinternational membership. This gives you the ability to instantly launch a global business. Savvy investors want to make sure their market extends beyond their hometown and preferably beyond their region or their domestic market.

Remember, all the regulatory and logistic hurdles have already been cleared FOR you at no additional cost to you. Yes, that’s priceless! You get to do business in the US, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mainland China, Colombia, Singapore, and soon in Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia. Who do you know who has a friend or relative living in one of these countries?

Now, when you explain to your two new business builders that they can receive $700 cash back just for sharing this profoundly powerful, exquisitely simple, low risk, low barrier to entry, done for you, business-in-a-box system with unique and patented consumable products in a high demand global market with two people, you will receive more acknowledgement for your service to others, a promotion to Manager, and a bonus of $250. Yes, that means you have just started your own international business in the Evolved Economy and within the first 30 days you are only out of pocket $150. My partner company calls this “Them Plus Two.”

What other business can you start for as little as $1200 and arrive within $150 of break-even in just 30 days? Not only that, but you are actively laying the foundation for long-term residual income.

If you have ever read Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad Poor Dad” series, you know that you don’t want to be an Employee and you don’t want to be Self-Employed or a Specialist because in these 2 quadrants you pay the most taxes (so you keep the least amount of money for yourself) and you trade time for money.

You DO want to be a Business Owner (“B”)- which you will be when you own your own business in the Evolved Economy – and you want to be an Investor (“I”) because B’s and I’s pay the least amount in taxes and I’s create or invest in assets that produce cash flow for themselves even when they are on vacation or asleep! That’s precisely why we partner with a company whose model builds us residual income.

There is a company you could have the opportunity to partner with that has 18 ways for you to produce income which is what will help you hit break even and sail way past it within as little as 5 weeks. You could plan to make $5000 in 5 weeks or you could plan to make $10,000 in 6 months. Both are 100% possible with our simple system to make money.

More importantly, however, is that while you are building you are laying the foundation to make revenue; our partner company has two significant ways for you to build revenue. It is this one-two punch and powerful combination that will set you up in a simple way to earn as much as $27,000 per week which is $1.4 million per year.

It’s so simple you’ll want to keep sharing the good news!

We would be honored to have you choose to co-create an intelligent business. To learn how to get started, contact the person who referred you to this article.

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Social Recruiting Is Now Bigger Than Recruiting

The term social recruitment is now a synonym to the regular HR process of recruitment. The internet has come a long way indeed. With ‘life getting virtual’, the practice of recruitment is no exception. Social media is the future! It is a ready group of target audience just waiting to be tapped. If social media marketing can reap the benefits of this ready cluster of target groups then why can’t the recruitment process?

It is with this thought that many companies have already devised strategies to venture in this novel aspect of tapping social media for hiring the right candidate. Social recruitment thrives on employee referrals. The process of recruitment and the modality of social media have one thing in common, which forms the base for its success – trust. Social media works because a particular product or service is referred by a person’s known social circle. It is so much better than the recommendations made by the local search engines. Similarly, it is an exchange of trust when a candidate is in a company’s process of recruitment. Trust leads to relation building and strengthening. Thus, when the employee’s referral is made use of for the purpose of recruitment, the first level of trust is automatically established. The company knows that their time is being invested in the right potential employee and the candidate is motivated to crack the interview with no reservations or doubts that would’ve otherwise been there. This way social recruitment values ‘time’ resulting in ‘quality candidates’ best suited for the job role in a company.

In this fast paced world, companies just refuse to play the ‘wait game’. Just as posting vacancy notices in the newspapers are passé, so is activity of posting job openings all over the internet with ‘hit or miss’ chances. Social recruitment on the other hand is a much targeted effort that is treading on the ‘bull area’ or directly on the ‘bulls eye’.

Statistics state that 72% of the firms have made use of social media recruitment techniques and are more than satisfied with the results. This figure is only expected to grow in the immediate future. Needless to say, the job seekers too are finding this mode of locating a job opportunity very attractive. With these figures only rising in the future, the exclusivity of this modality is feared to fade away, making it a generic mode of recruitment. Many firms are hence constantly trying to keep this possibility at bay by making use of customized recruitment software’s to keep the exclusivity of social recruitment intact.