Successful Selling in a Tough Economy – Transcending The Yard Sale Mindset

The so-called “Great Recession” continues to hover over all that we do (and sell) in 2012. There are more than a few pundits who see current trends as an indicator of “The New Economy,” rather than a phase we are passing through. Every day brings new opportunities and a new chance for professional Salespeople to stand firm on value in their sales efforts, rather than acquiescing to price-driven negotiations.

Whether the economy is strong or weak, prospects who buy strictly on the basis of price are generally the worst long-term choices for customers. If you offer a “discount” to a customer once, they will continually seek additional discounts. If you lower the price of your offering in order to pander to prospects who are price shopping, they will consistently attempt to lower your prices even further. They see a price concession as a victory, but seldom assign any value to what they have purchased. It’s a game of chess, of one-upsmanship. If you create new relationships with price shopping as a foundation, you will soon develop a roster of clients who only want more, more, more. They’ll never be satisfied, and as a professional Salesperson, neither will you.

Accepting the fact that price is an issue in this economy, how do you incorporate this into your sales efforts and retain your integrity (as well as your profit margins)? The answer is simple. You must assign an honest value to the products and services that you offer, and you must be able to articulate a value higher than what you are selling.

You may or may not be able to provide valid R.O.I. data in your proposal. As an example, you can propose the creation of a Website for a local restaurant that includes a creative and engaging design, full menus, custom photography of the restaurant’s signature menu items, an embedded Google map, and a contact page. What you can’t promise is a specific number of customers who will visit the restaurant and purchase a meal.

Clients have told me “If I pay you “X” amount of dollars to create the Website, I have to sell “X” amount of lunches / dinners just to break even.”

That’s not the way marketing works. Here are a few key factors to consider:

1). In the current economy (and the “Internet Age”), a professionally designed Website establishes the credibility of a business. A business which chooses to put together a Facebook page, rather than a professional Website, is viewed as “dabbling” in their business. Customers know the business owner most likely made the decision based on price, and a desire to circumvent paying for the services of a professional Web Designer. A business that is not willing to make the commitment to promote their products and services in a professional manner is a business that becomes “suspect” in the eyes of its potential customers.

2). Everyone else is doing it. If you are in a major city… San Francisco, for example… and there are 20 restaurants on your street, and 18 of them have professional Websites, the remaining 2 restaurants can’t say that they “don’t need” a Website. They need to stand neck-and-neck with their competition.

3). In the current economy, most consumers are extremely cautious about “luxury spending.” For some, that might mean dining out. They might go online and search for restaurant reviews and restaurant Websites. If they make their decision based on online menus and/or photos of the food being served, restaurants lacking an online presence will lose every time.

In this scenario, the Salesperson can’t guarantee a minimum number of customers sitting down for a meal. They can provide data on how many of their competitors have Websites, and how their lack of a Website puts them at the back of the pack.

The professional Salesperson must maximize the reality of the value found in their products and/or services. If the Salesperson can’t guarantee a bottom-line profit margin for their clients, they must be prepared to articulate the landscape on which their competitors stand. Regardless of the economy, every business owner wants something at least a little better than what is being enjoyed by their nearest competitor.

The Website example used in this article can be modified and adapted to any product or service you may wish to sell. You must know the market, know the competition, know the value of your product or service, and strategically position yourself in order to reap the highest profit margin possible.

In the long run, all weak economies get healthier… eventually. As a professional Salesperson, you can’t afford to wait. You must do the best you can with what you have today, and when the overall economic picture brightens, your sales will soar accordingly.

Football Recruiting Tips – The Real Truth About Scholarship Offers

You hear it on ESPN almost every week. You read it on Blogs and in Magazines. It is one of the biggest misunderstandings in college sports, the Scholarship Offer ESPN, blogs and magazines report that top recruits were offered scholarships by these top schools and the top recruits verbally committed to a school in their junior year. LSU and Alabama just offered an 8th grader a scholarship. To me this is just ridiculous. Yes the 8th grader is a beast but who is to say he will still be a beast by the time he is a senior. He may not even want to play football or God forbid he injures his self. What do you think will happen to those scholarship offers if he gets injured between now through his senior year??? Yes you are right; there will be no scholarship offers, because they are NOT set in stone.

The truth of the matter is it is all fluff for the most part. The truth about scholarships and scholarship offers is there is nothing permanent or binding to this offer. Meaning until Signing Day these offers and verbal commitments really don’t mean anything until the recruit signs the letter of intent. The philosophy behind scholarship offering these days is to play a mental game on these young athletes. The school/football program wants to be the first to offer because; it’s something about the first offer that resonates with an athlete and their parents. Most parents and recruits want to show loyalty to the school/football program for being the first to see and acknowledge their talent or there child’s talent.

The process goes like this; a football program depending on what division they’re in (Div. 1A, Div. 1AA, or Div. 2) has a maximum number of total scholarships they are allowed to give each year. For example, Div 1A (FBS) football programs are allowed a maximum 85 scholarship players on a roster in an academic year. Each year scholarship players will graduate, transfer or quit, allowing the program to offer scholarships to high school student-athletes.

Now, here is where the misunderstanding arises for parents and recruits. For example, lets say a Div. 1A school has 20 scholarships available to offer. What most programs will do is offer 30-40 scholarships. Even though they only have 20. The coaches of the football program know they will lose some recruits to other schools and some of the recruits won’t make the grades or qualify to play. So in these cases their actual number of scholarship offers will dwindle down to about 25-30. So for the other 5-10 scholarships, they will tell the athlete they have decided to pull their scholarship offer and give it to the top recruit for that position. This is heartbreaking for a high school student-athlete and their parents. What is sad is that many do not know how this process works.

In most programs the process is as follows; the program will list the top 5 rated recruits they have for each position and offer all 5 of them scholarships. If the program gets the #1 rated player out of those 5 recruits, they will pull the remaining four from the other four recruits. Or if they lose the top #1 and #2 rated players and get #3 then, they will pull #4 and #5’s scholarship offers. This is how most athletic programs offer their scholarships. As I mentioned before, just because a player is offered a scholarship DOES NOT mean they are necessarily going to receive it. It’s a numbers game. It sucks for the #4 and #5 rated players on the list because it may be the only scholarship offer they’re receiving from a big school. The athlete is usually very excited about the offer and when they receive the bad news that they are no longer receiving the scholarship, it can put more stress on the recruit and their parents to find a school. It can be a very stressful time for the parents and the student-athlete.

It can also go the other way as well. Top recruits are getting offered by numerous schools and pretty much have their pick of what school they want to attend. They can verbally commit to a school but that DOES NOT mean it is set in stone they have to go there. They can change their mind at the last minute and pick a different school. Again these offers are not binding or permanent until signing day.

Case in point, in the class of 2013 there was a highly recruited linebacker from the South. He was offered by two very successful FBS schools. He verbally committed to one of the schools and went as far as getting a tattoo of the schools logo on his forearm. But, as signing day approached he changed his mind and signed with the other school. This is the type of situation that can hurt a football program. The coaches thought they had the linebacker due to his verbal commit and they probably pulled scholarships from the remaining top linebackers in that class. This can be detrimental to a program because now they have to go back and re-offer these players which probably signed with other schools because they initially pulled their scholarship offers from them. It’s all a game and you must know how to play it.

How to play the scholarship offer game?

DO YOUR RESEARCH!!! See how many scholarship players are currently on the team. Also it’s always important to ask how many other recruits the football program is offering scholarships to for the particular position you are being recruited for. Ask where you fall on their board. This will give you an indication on how interested they are in you.

Benefits of Immigration and Work Permit Visa Screening Document Verification Program!

In order to enter the lucrative immigration destinations like America, Canada, Australia or in European countries or to remain residing there to be eligible for various immigration-related benefits, non-citizens (aliens) and work permit visa applicants goes down on to the dirtier side of the game. They actually forge the documents to stay in compliance with the immigration and nationality laws.

According to CNN crime report, document forgery and fake documentation usage is one of the foremost crimes in leu to immigration and work permit visas, where people are alleged to severe fraudulent charges, prison and deportation.

Employers are also facing a great deal of reputation loss when they find out that they hired an employee who have fake identity, fake driving license, fake education or even forged employment history. The liabilities of negligent hiring lawsuits are increasing as documentation forgery has become a million dollar business.

Usually in work permit visa issuance and employment, there are third parties or agents are involved who works as a bridge between work permit visa applicant and the employer. And mostly they are found alleged of advising the applicant to forge the documents to fulfill the requirements of the employer and the position applied.

Recently CBC News mentioned a story as, “The Canada Border Services Agency accused Bradley Jacobson and Kendall Schmidt of developing false businesses and using false documents to target more than 300 foreign nationals. The fake businesses and documents were used in order to bring would-be immigrants to Canada for a fee”, the federal agency said.

Fox News mentioned a story as, “Authorities in New Mexico said they busted of a fraud ring that allegedly forged false documents for undocumented immigrants who wanted to obtain a driver’s license”.

Every single day the news papers and online news communities are filled with these types of news, daunting to the governments and employers for inland security, terrorism and reputation all together.

What are the Benefits Immigration and Work Permit Visa Screening Document Verification!

  1. Ensures merit based immigration programs are not compromised or circumvented.
  2. Allows embassy and immigration department staff to concentrate on strategic and analytical activities.
  3. Protect national security.
  4. Ensures that only fully qualified persons are admitted to sensitive sectors e.g. medical or engineering.
  5. Enables all applicants to be treated uniformly and fairly.
  6. Acts as a strong deterrent to the commission of documentation fraud.


Forged documentation is used by many aspiring immigrants and economic migrants to gain visas and work permits. This is unfair to well qualified applicants, undermines merit-based immigration programs and risks a public backlash against immigration policies. It also threatens national security when used by criminals and would-be terrorists to fabricate bogus identities.

Immigration document verification is the only reliable way to deter against ever increasing illegal immigrants and work permit visa applicant who uses fake documents to land a lucrative job opportunity for them.

Comprehensive immigration or work permit visa screening program will not only reduce the liability from the government authorities and employers but it can also help in nominating the righteous immigrants to enter the premises of their country and help employers to hire the best employees to fit in their organizations.

An Evolved Economy Business Makes It Simple to Make Money

There’s a tried and true maxim in business – to make more money you have to 1) find more customers – ie make more sales 2) retain more customers – because the cost to acquire a new customer is usually higher than the cost to keep an existing customer 3) increase your margins – in other words, raise your prices so that the gap between what something costs you and what you sell it to your customer for is greater and 4) control expenses – ie, spend less. Only these 4 things can save your bottom line in a traditional business.

The problem is, most businesses don’t survive long enough to prove out the maxim. In fact a recent study, by S. Ghosh – a Senior Harvard Lecturer, published in the WSJ states that 95% of start-ups fail when failure is defined as failing to see the projected return on investment-say, a specific revenue growth rate or date to break even on cash flow.

The WSJ article was looking more at venture-backed companies and start-ups taking outside capital. But even considering traditional small businesses, doubtless you have heard the oft-cited statistics that 80% fail within the first five years – and it’s usually because of a lack of capital. In other words, they run out of money.

Now I want you to picture your first five years owning your own business using a different business model – that of the Evolved Economy. We know that for a franchise you might invest $20k up to $1 million or more to get started. We know if you attend college or university you could spend between $5000 to more than $50,000 per year for 4+ years. In the model based on the Evolved Economy, you can expect to invest just $1200 to start (and for those who are currently facing really tough times, it is possible to start for half as much!), pay as little as $75/week in overhead, be able to earn money in your first 24 hours, have an in-demand high-quality and consumable product, hit close to break-even in your first 30 days in operation, pass break-even and speed into profitability in as little as 2-5 months, and within 5 years enjoy unparalleled earnings opportunity. It’s like receiving a model airplane with a set of instructions to put it together. Only this is describing a particular method of doing business. The business plan is written for you and you follow it precisely.

Not only that but as a business owner and investor generating residual income, you can sustain this business for as many decades as you live and pass it on as a legacy to your children or grandchildren because you will have built a financial wall around your family – something they will thank you for during unsettled and challenging economic times. And you do this regardless of your education, experience, background, race, religion, or geographic location.

How is that possible, you ask? How can it be so simple to make money in an Evolved Economy business? And is it guaranteed?

Well, let me walk you through the exact path to wealth with the company I have partnered with, keeping in mind that the system is in place to pay you but you alone are responsible for your results. As a business owner, only you are accountable for the hours you put in and the efficiency and effectiveness that yield results. When you follow the system, you get rewarded.

Because I am a business owner using the model of the Evolved Economy, I can comment based on my own business experience. For instance, using this model you could partner with a global company whose product just happens to be super nutrition and skincare targeting weight loss, healthy aging, and energy & performance – a 12 year old company (that’s important – they have survived and thrived way beyond the 5-year mark!) that is in so much momentum they created 19 millionaires in the first 8 months of 2014.

Here is the system you will follow that will have you smiling because it is so simple to make money – and feel great, be of service, and contribute to others.

Who likes Bonuses and appreciates Promotions? When you share this amazing super-nutrition with two people in one week, my partner company will recognize and acknowledge your efforts, will promote you, and will pay you $50. To jumpstart you and applaud you for hitting the ground running, when you share with 2 people in the first two days, you receive an additional $50 Crystal Consultant Bonus.

DPIB’s: We are Business Builder’s and we recognize the tremendous opportunity represented in being able to begin a business-in-a-box for about $1200; $1099 plus tax + shipping, actually. When you make a conscious, deliberate commitment to reach out to other business builders and share with two people who follow your lead – by jumping in with both feet and also enrolling with the Business Builder Pak – my partner company will pay you $600. So now you have $700 cash back within 7 days of starting your new business! My partner company calls this “You plus Two.”

That means that for a net of just $400 you receive over $1400 worth of product and marketing materials – that’s like getting a 70% discount!! Plus you replace over 100 meals, you have product to share with friends, and a wide array of products to sample that target weight loss, energy & performance, skin care, and healthy aging. Additionally you receive free membership that entitles you to back-end systems and you receive freeinternational membership. This gives you the ability to instantly launch a global business. Savvy investors want to make sure their market extends beyond their hometown and preferably beyond their region or their domestic market.

Remember, all the regulatory and logistic hurdles have already been cleared FOR you at no additional cost to you. Yes, that’s priceless! You get to do business in the US, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Mainland China, Colombia, Singapore, and soon in Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia. Who do you know who has a friend or relative living in one of these countries?

Now, when you explain to your two new business builders that they can receive $700 cash back just for sharing this profoundly powerful, exquisitely simple, low risk, low barrier to entry, done for you, business-in-a-box system with unique and patented consumable products in a high demand global market with two people, you will receive more acknowledgement for your service to others, a promotion to Manager, and a bonus of $250. Yes, that means you have just started your own international business in the Evolved Economy and within the first 30 days you are only out of pocket $150. My partner company calls this “Them Plus Two.”

What other business can you start for as little as $1200 and arrive within $150 of break-even in just 30 days? Not only that, but you are actively laying the foundation for long-term residual income.

If you have ever read Robert Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad Poor Dad” series, you know that you don’t want to be an Employee and you don’t want to be Self-Employed or a Specialist because in these 2 quadrants you pay the most taxes (so you keep the least amount of money for yourself) and you trade time for money.

You DO want to be a Business Owner (“B”)- which you will be when you own your own business in the Evolved Economy – and you want to be an Investor (“I”) because B’s and I’s pay the least amount in taxes and I’s create or invest in assets that produce cash flow for themselves even when they are on vacation or asleep! That’s precisely why we partner with a company whose model builds us residual income.

There is a company you could have the opportunity to partner with that has 18 ways for you to produce income which is what will help you hit break even and sail way past it within as little as 5 weeks. You could plan to make $5000 in 5 weeks or you could plan to make $10,000 in 6 months. Both are 100% possible with our simple system to make money.

More importantly, however, is that while you are building you are laying the foundation to make revenue; our partner company has two significant ways for you to build revenue. It is this one-two punch and powerful combination that will set you up in a simple way to earn as much as $27,000 per week which is $1.4 million per year.

It’s so simple you’ll want to keep sharing the good news!

We would be honored to have you choose to co-create an intelligent business. To learn how to get started, contact the person who referred you to this article.

If you found it independently and wish to know more, all my contact information is in the “resource” section. There’s no time like the present and the most successful entrepreneurs take action promptly – here’s to your commitment to action right now!

Social Recruiting Is Now Bigger Than Recruiting

The term social recruitment is now a synonym to the regular HR process of recruitment. The internet has come a long way indeed. With ‘life getting virtual’, the practice of recruitment is no exception. Social media is the future! It is a ready group of target audience just waiting to be tapped. If social media marketing can reap the benefits of this ready cluster of target groups then why can’t the recruitment process?

It is with this thought that many companies have already devised strategies to venture in this novel aspect of tapping social media for hiring the right candidate. Social recruitment thrives on employee referrals. The process of recruitment and the modality of social media have one thing in common, which forms the base for its success – trust. Social media works because a particular product or service is referred by a person’s known social circle. It is so much better than the recommendations made by the local search engines. Similarly, it is an exchange of trust when a candidate is in a company’s process of recruitment. Trust leads to relation building and strengthening. Thus, when the employee’s referral is made use of for the purpose of recruitment, the first level of trust is automatically established. The company knows that their time is being invested in the right potential employee and the candidate is motivated to crack the interview with no reservations or doubts that would’ve otherwise been there. This way social recruitment values ‘time’ resulting in ‘quality candidates’ best suited for the job role in a company.

In this fast paced world, companies just refuse to play the ‘wait game’. Just as posting vacancy notices in the newspapers are passé, so is activity of posting job openings all over the internet with ‘hit or miss’ chances. Social recruitment on the other hand is a much targeted effort that is treading on the ‘bull area’ or directly on the ‘bulls eye’.

Statistics state that 72% of the firms have made use of social media recruitment techniques and are more than satisfied with the results. This figure is only expected to grow in the immediate future. Needless to say, the job seekers too are finding this mode of locating a job opportunity very attractive. With these figures only rising in the future, the exclusivity of this modality is feared to fade away, making it a generic mode of recruitment. Many firms are hence constantly trying to keep this possibility at bay by making use of customized recruitment software’s to keep the exclusivity of social recruitment intact.

Everything You Need To Know About Immigration Doctors

Have you been wondering how you can get the best immigration doctor? Do you know what these doctors do or the types of services that they offer? Well, here are some insights to guide you through.

The Role of Immigration Professional Doctors

An immigration doctor:

  • Performs immigration physical exams
  • Advise and help you to make physical health adjustments so that you can pass the immigration tests.
  • Offer you documents to indicate the results of a physical exam.

Immigration Doctors’ Qualifications

For an immigration doctor to be able to offer their services, they must be experienced, registered and skilled in this area. Essentially, they should be in a position to offer quality services to all immigration clients. Therefore, when looking for immigration best doctors, you should evaluate their professional capacity and legitimacy.

What Is A Physical Exam?

A physical exam is meant to give a true picture of the wellbeing of an individual. Important aspects such blood pressure, weight and cholesterol levels are thoroughly examined in the process. Doctors will normally ask questions on the health history of individuals. They will also conduct various tests namely:

  • Visual tests
  • Sign tests
  • Laboratory tests
  • Listening of the vitals such as lungs and heart beat
  • Mammograms
  • Paps smear
  • Osteoporosis
  • Diabetes and HIV tests among others

Once a doctor has determined that you are in perfect health, they will give you documents to indicate so, which will further give a better standing at the immigration office. When several health complications are identified, they may recommend that you go through treatment, and further conduct the same tests afterwards. Further, they could advise you on how to remain healthy based on the examination results.

Booking an Appointment Is Crucial

Most immigration doctors offer services to people who have booked for an appointment with them. In most cases, these doctors are on high demand, and it is almost impossible to find one who can perform the examinations without you having booked for an appointment. Good news is that most of these service providers can squeeze in time to offer services even during weekends or holidays.

Most doctors who perform physical examinations are not necessarily certified to offer services on immigration physical tests. Specializing in this field means that the doctor has obtained the experience, skills and registration details to offer the tests. Therefore, even if you have had previous examinations with your doctor, you still need to go to immigration doctors for services.

The U.S. Economy Faces A Long Recovery Period

Unemployment will continue to be a major obstacle facing economic recovery for years to come. The confusion and deception increases dissatisfaction for millions of American who fight to survive at this point. This feature is in direct conflict with what we should know about the cultural characteristics of a pure successful business. A business in today’s economy is predominantly a flat organization with quick decision-making, where risk taking is encouraged and failure is merely education.

Congress continually extended unemployment benefits to incredibly long, unprecedented amounts. This created a consequence of said action and added to our enormous deficit. A good percentage of the unemployed populations have simply given up seeking a job now, because the job market is waterlogged. In many instances, people simply were not laid off from their jobs. Those positions no longer exist at all.

Entire sectors of skill sets are not considered necessary now by companies because they are either too expensive to keep on the payroll, or they have downsized to the point of not being able to retool back up to their prior levels of production where those skills are needed again. The people with those skill sets are now finding that they literally have no qualifications or are overqualified for part-time work and cannot find anything in their sector anymore.

As this number of unemployed (or even the “working unemployed”) increases, so too does the increased need for longer unemployment. Whether or not this is needed as a social program is not debatable at this point; it is here and this is the current state of things. However, here is the catch with unemployment: you have to pay back your unemployment when you finally do get work or reach the termination time for your benefits. This leads to a further drain on whatever meager pay these folks can get.

Therefore, in the case of unemployment, it created a feedback loop, which caused Congress to, undoubtedly, stop paying unemployment benefits. This action will further create a short-term drain whereby other programs might need to be downsized or nixed altogether, as well as help perpetuate more in the job market to give up.

The U.S. also has been artificially keeping the cost of inflation down by printing more money, while the government buys down the inflation cost. Remember the 1990s? Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan and former President Bill Clinton, even though jobs were plentiful and the economy appeared healthy, were concerned if interest rates were raised, would it affect the economy.

A properly managed economy works on checks and balances, and those balances are during the good times when you raise the cost of inflation, such as; interest rates which controls the rate of growth by slowing it down so that sound decisions can be made and eliminate taking unnecessary risks. Then, should there be a downturn in the economy, due to those risks that were not taken, is not as severe while a slight reduction in interest rates will restore confidence and the economy gets back on track.

However, the U.S. economy is being managed today by two previous events: The Great Depression and the high interest rates brought on in the 1970s. Think about all we have heard about in the past year is the Great Depression. In addition, the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s were nothing but high interest rates. The Federal Reserve is playing on our fears of these two events (brainwashing), as a means to get us to go along with their agenda, which has resulted in one catastrophic event after another in regards to the financial health of the United States.

We have been programmed during the good times to spend, spend, spend, and take out more credit, when in fact, during good times, both professionally and personally, we should actually be more frugal and during the bad times increase our spending so business expansion can balance things out and minimize the impact of our economy.

It is a well-known fact that all truly successful people set goals. If hard-working Americans who are struggling right now wish to be more successful than others, then all goals must be realistic, short term, measurable and obtainable within the bounds of our own God-given perception.

The Promise of Online Recruitment for Job Seekers and Employers

Online recruitment has been creating clamor for quite some time now. Employers and applicants find it very convenient and practical. Web recruitment also provides practically unlimited job offers and candidates. There are always vacancies just when you thought that everything has been filled up. The recruitment sites are there to deliver only the best candidates for the job and the best place of work for the applicants’ qualifications.

Online Recruitment Sites and their Promise

Most online recruitment sites use modern filtration tools that help them find the perfect matched employer and candidate. The tools help them cut their own search time in half to give immediate response to the employer’s and applicant’s demands. They need to work up a speed (efficiently) if they want to serve more clients.

Each company has an image to protect and their possible employees must be able to adhere to that image. Web recruitment sites know just how important it is to get the right one that fits the company image. The recruitment sites promise to include only the candidates that a particular company will surely consider.

The recruitment site safeguards the confidentiality of both employers and candidates. Applicants who want to have a career change and who are presently employed can be certain that no one will know that they are trying to look for another job. Employers can also be at ease if they don’t want other employees in their company know that they are currently looking for someone to fill up a certain position.

The online recruitment guarantees that employers will find the most ideal person for the job and promises candidates that they will be able to land a job in accordance with their qualifications.

If you are a Job Hunter

If you are a job seeker, you should know that submitting a thoughtless and unimpressive resume will definitely prevent you from landing a job. Although the web recruitment has numerous jobs on their list, they also need to earn the trust of the employers that seek their services. Because of that, they need to screen each resume that they receive and if it does not look impressive enough, then they might not even attempt to look at it further.

Your CV is your ticket for getting noticed and in order to do that, you need to make sure that your resume has all the necessary elements to impress and get noticed. Avoid adding unnecessary information and make everything readable. Take advantage of the element of space to make it look clean, tidy, and readable. Use only black colored fonts and use only simple font style that is easy on the eyes.

Never even attempt to add a skill that you don’t have. Don’t even think about claiming someone else’s merits. You are doomed before you could even get hired once the recruitment site finds out that you are giving false information. Try to look good with the merits and skills that you proudly own.

Online recruitment sites want nothing more than be of service to both candidates and employers and that is the promise they intend to keep forever. Web recruitment has numerous jobs on their list, they also need to earn the trust of the employers that seek their services. Because of that, they need to screen each resume that they receive and if it does not look impressive enough, then they might not even attempt to look at it further.

Your CV is your ticket for getting noticed and in order to do that, you need to make sure that your resume has all the necessary elements to impress and get noticed. Avoid adding unnecessary information and make everything readable. Take advantage of the element of space to make it look clean, tidy, and readable. Use only black colored fonts and use only simple font style that is easy on the eyes.

Never even attempt to add a skill that you don’t have. Don’t even think about claiming someone else’s merits. You are doomed before you could even get hired once the recruitment site finds out that you are giving false information. Try to look good with the merits and skills that you proudly own.

Online recruitment sites want nothing more than be of service to both candidates and employers and that is the promise they intend to keep forever.

Valuable Job Search Tips to Avoid Wasting Your Time With Scammers!

While attending school students learn many things. Many, many courses are required in the field of the degree you are aiming for. Additional to that, you need to take courses in other general areas such as English, economics, and business no matter what your major is. One topic of learning that is not covered a great is the actual process of the job search.

Knowing how to attack your job search is arguably your most important skill that is required. It can be said that no matter how great and wide your skill set is, all of those skills are wasted if you are unable to get a job where you can showcase those skills. So that makes the job search of the utmost importance.

When searching for a job, it is no longer good enough to just pull out the newspaper and check out the help wanted section. You need to explore every avenue that can potentially lead to getting you a job. The list of options to find a job is continuously growing.

The first and most convenient place to find jobs is by looking at online job listings. Some of the biggest ones include Career Builder, Monster, and Craigslist.

Career Builder and Monster are very large job listings where employees pay a fee to be able to post their job listings on their websites. The fact that the companies pay to have their job openings listed adds a fair amount of security to their operation. There is less chance you are going to be scammed, due to the fact that employers have to make a payment to list a job.

Scammers really like to attack the free listings. Also, on most of these paid sites you as a jobseeker can store your resume online. After your resume is stored, you can apply to jobs with a simple click of the mouse.

Craigslist is a website that is free for employers to list their jobs. There are positive and negative aspects of the listings being free. With the ability to post free job listings, Craigslist certainly attracts many more employers for a much wider range jobs and industries.

However, it does also attract many scams and jobs that are not actually as they are described.

If you decide to use Craigslist to pursue a job, be careful. Do not pay anyone for a job and watch out for “free offers” that are sent to you by companies.

Ask the company to provide you with a website or a phone number to verify that they are a real business, if it seems suspicious. Also be warned that if the job offered seems too good to be true, then it probably is!

Another quality method to find good job opportunities is by attending job fairs. Job fairs are ideal for people on the job search and not yet sure of exactly where they want to work. Many people are uncomfortable in the environment, but in just a day you can attend 10 to 20 interviews.

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Employment Practices Liability Insurance – A Quick Study Guide for Employers

Employment Practices Liability (“EPL”) insurance provides protection arising from legal liability exposures created by myriad federal and state statutes, faced by every business, organization and profession – large or small. They include: the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and 1991, The Age Discrimination in Employment Acts (“ADEA”) of 1967 and 1985, the Americans with Disability Act (“ADA”) of 1992 and the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993.

Small Companies Can Manage Big EPL Exposures

Smaller companies, with limited resources to preventively address EPL exposures, may ironically be at greater financial risk. EPL insurance provides coverage for defense and indemnification of covered claims brought by former, current and even prospective employees alleging a violation of their legal rights. Insurers underwriting these policies often include complementary risk management resources to assist policyholders to better manage their employment practices risks. EPL coverage may be included within a Business Owner’s policy (“BOP”), as part of a Private Company or Not-for-Profit D&O combination-type policy, or as a ‘stand-alone’ insurance policy. Combination-type policies that include EPL insurance typically share the policy limit with the other coverage grants and the scope of the EPL insurance may not be as broad as what will be available within a stand-alone EPL policy.

Some Employment Practices Insurance Basics

• EPL policies are underwritten on a claims-made basis meaning the claim must be made and reported during the same effective policy period. Importantly, in order to preserve coverage, and avoid a denial of a claim made after the policy’s expiration, employers must also similarly report any circumstances of which they become aware, that may give rise to a claim before the policy expires. Insurers at times may reject these notifications of circumstances unless they contain the level of specificity required by the policy. A perplexing issue arises in connection with the policy application process. An employer’s pre-existing knowledge of circumstances at the time of the EPL insurance application can be enough to void coverage under certain situations. Insurers must be able to prove the policyholder’s knowledge or state of mind by factual evidence. If the applicant discloses knowledge of the circumstances in response to a new or renewal policy application, the insurer will automatically specifically exclude any claims arising from the disclosed circumstances.

In a renewal setting, policyholders should carefully consider reporting circumstances they believe will reasonably give rise to claims, to their incumbent insurer prior to the expiration of the policy period. While the risk of rejection by the incumbent insurer due to insufficiency of notice is a possibility, there is a certainty that the new insurer will exclude coverage for the circumstance-related claims as a result of the applicant’s prior knowledge.

• Most policies contain a “duty to defend” provision that requires the insurer to assign defense counsel and control the defense of the claim. Defense costs paid by the insurer typically erode the applicable policy limit of liability unlike typical Commercial General Liability policies that contain defense coverage “in addition to” or “outside” the policy limits.

• Coverage may be implicated by an administrative proceeding, a written claim, or a lawsuit alleging a policy-defined “wrongful act.”

• Coverage for punitive damages, where insurable, is generally available in a variety of formats. Some insurers carve out a separate sub-limit as a percentage of the policy’s aggregate limit. Other insurers may include punitive damage coverage limits without a sub-limit of the policy’s limit. In any case, punitive damage awards are a significant potential consequence of EPL litigation and purchasers of EPL insurance should familiarize themselves with this provision.

• Intentional acts are universally excluded. It should be noted that even in cases where it is clear that an employee’s acts were intentional, EPL policies typically cover the vicarious liability of the Insured-entity because of its duty to supervise the acts of the employee that caused the loss. The “bad actor”- employee, however, may have an uphill battle securing coverage under the EPL policy if the facts prove the employee’s conduct was intentional.

EEOC Claim Data

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reported the following statistics for calendar year 2009:

  • Total Number of Charges Filed: 93,277
  • Harassment charges: 30,641.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Age Discrimination in Employment ACT (‘ADEA’) charges totaled: 21,451.
  • Race Discrimination charges: 33,579
  • Sexual Discrimination charges 28,028.
  • National Origin Discrimination charges: 11,143
  • Pregnancy Discrimination charges: 6,196
  • Religious Discrimination charges: 3,386
  • Equal Pay Act charges: 942
  • Title VII charges filed in 2009 totaled 68,710, of which 33,613 claimed some form of retaliation.

According to the EEOC: “The total number of charge receipts resolved under all statutes enforced by EEOC (Title VII, ADA, ADEA, and EPA)” in 2009 were 85,980, with resolutions amounting to $294.2 million. Very importantly, the EEOC states its statistics “Does not include monetary benefits obtained through litigation.”

In 2009, the EEOC filed 314 lawsuits of which 281 were ‘merits’ lawsuits. Of the total number, 188 suits involved Title VII violations, 76 lawsuits involved violations of the Age Discrimination Act and 26 suits alleged violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Some Questions EPL Insurance Purchasers Should Ask

• Definition of Insured Person: Are part-time, leased, seasonal and temporary employees included? Are volunteers included? What about coverage for independent contractors?

• Duty to Defend: Does the insurer permit the retention of an Insured-preferred, pre-qualified attorney?

• Co-insurance: Does paying a percentage of the loss in the form of co-insurance make economic sense?

• Definition of Covered Loss: In addition to defense costs and damages, are pre- and post judgment interest and court-awarded attorney’s fees covered?

• Definition of Wrongful Act: Do the covered wrongful acts adequately align with the enterprise’s EPL risks?

• The “Settlement Hammer” provision: Insurers offer various approaches to resolve situations where the Insured refuses to consent to a plaintiff’s proposed settlement that is agreeable to the insurer.

• Intentional Acts Exclusion: Can this exclusion be applied on the basis of an unproven allegation or is an adjudication required?

• Bi-lateral Extended Reporting Period Option: Does the policy contain this provision and what is the associated cost of exercising this option?

• Third-party Coverage: Does the policy afford coverage for claims brought by non-employee third-parties alleging discrimination?

Third-Party Employment Practices Coverage

Increasing competition for EPL insurance premium dollars resulted in the introduction of a new variety of coverage under the Employment Practices Liability insurance banner.

Third-party EPL coverage is in large measure a misnomer. Instead of protecting the policyholder against claims brought by employees, its coverage protects against claims brought by third-party non-employees who have business contact with the Insured entity such as customers and vendors. Business enterprises with a high degree of contact with the public, such as: retail establishments, the hospitality industry, medical and assisted living facilities, real estate agencies, country clubs, automobile dealers, and restaurants are more susceptible to this risk, and need to carefully consider purchasing this coverage option.

Coverage is typically triggered by claims alleging policy-defined wrongful conduct such as: discrimination, harassment or coercion caused by the Insured entity or its employees.

The Third-Party EPL coverage option is also available for reverse harassment situations, such as, when a third-party harasses an employee of the Insured entity. One example of reverse harassment would be a server being sexually harassed by the customer of a bar or restaurant. Alternatively, an example of a traditional third-party EPL claim might involve an Insured entity’s employee-delivery person making repeated sexual advances to a client’s office receptionist. These situations present factually distinct scenarios, yet both could result in emotional distress claims alleging the Insured entity allowed a hostile work environment to exist.

Other examples of non-employee third-party claims include claims brought under the Americans with Disabilities Act for failure of a retail establishment to grant public access to patrons with physical disabilities. These public access situations are particularly dangerous for retail chains. An aggrieved person can initiate litigation against the retail chain as a representative class plaintiff on behalf of all those similarly situated patrons that have also been disallowed access.

These types of lawsuits often seek non-monetary or injunctive relief. Insurance purchasers should evaluate the policy’s definition of “claim” to determine to what extent the policy may respond to claims for non-monetary relief.

The Dual System-State Administrative Agencies & The EEOC

Every state has an administrative agency that oversees initial employment-related complaints brought under state law. State administrative agencies have responsibility for investigating the complaint and making a probable cause determination.

Since these state agencies are typically overburdened, they almost automatically issue a “right-to-sue” letter to the claimant, thereby clearing the way for a lawsuit. What is most ironic is that even in those instances where the agency has not determined probable cause exists, it still must issue a “right to sue” letter. Therefore, employers are heading to courthouse either way.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) has jurisdiction in every U.S. state for all employment-related complaints covered by federal law.

EEOC Mediation Process

The EEOC offers parties a free Mediation Process as an alternative to the traditional investigative or litigation process.

• This informal, confidential process is conducted before an experienced, neutral third party mediator.

• The mediator has no authority to impose decisions, and their sole function is to facilitate a voluntary, negotiated resolution of a charge of discrimination.

• Both parties must agree to the mediation.

• Legal representation is not mandatory.

• Participants must have settlement authority.

• There’s no determination of guilt or innocence.

• Normal investigation process commences if mediation is unsuccessful.

Closing Thoughts

Commercial enterprises, professional services firms and not-for-profit organizations that do not currently have Employment Practices Liability insurance are unnecessarily exposing themselves to real economic risk. The cost associated with defending just one employment practices liability claim may often outweigh the insurance premium required to provide both defense and indemnification protection. The cost-benefit analysis is compelling. Companies that currently purchase EPL insurance should have an expert evaluation of their operational exposures to ensure the policy they have in place will be responsive to their particular business risks.