10 bots or tools to automate publications in social networks:

One of the main barriers that companies have in their approach to social networks is the amount of time they have to invest in them. Finding suitable content, filtering it, publishing it and responding to possible comments are tasks that take a lot of time from the day to day of any digital marketing department.

In order to solve part of this problem, it is necessary to work in a more professional manner. And for this, the first step is to create a publication calendar that appropriately orders the different messages , the frequency and the time of publication in each of the spaces in social networks of the company.

This work must be complemented with the appropriate tools to automate publications. In a simple search you can find hundreds of solutions focused on facilitating the tedious work of automating publications. We briefly analyzed 10 of the most interesting marketing bots for social media that helps to promote your business in social media.

1.- Buffer:

Buffer is one of the main tools used by social media professionals to automate publications on social networks. In Buffer you can automate publications in the following social networks: Twitter, Facebook. LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest

Like many of these tools, Buffer follows the freemium model so you can use a free version with limited options while you have paid versions ranging from 10 to 399 dollars per month depending on your needs.

2.- Hootsuite:

Hootsuite is, perhaps, the best known tool for automating publications in social networks. In the free mode you can use almost all the functionalities but only in 3 social networks , an option that tends to be short for most companies.

In addition to the free version, Hootsuite offers two other modes: Pro, which for a price of $ 7.99 per month includes up to 50 profiles on social networks, a comprehensive analytical report and the ability to program groups of messages. This option allows you to work in a team of up to 10 users and incorporates the auto programmer, a functionality that helps you not having to decide when to publish as it is decided by the tool that you are learning according to the interactions you get.

To contract the Business option, it is necessary to contact the people in charge of Hootsuite since the final investment will depend, fundamentally, on the number of networks and users.

3.- TweetDeck:

If something stands out TweetDeck is that it is an exclusive tool for Twitter. And completely free. In fact, it is already owned by Twitter so if you only want to automate publications in the bird’s web, this is your option .

TweetDeck shows a very simple interface, centered on the different columns that can be generated with Twitter: activity, scheduled messages, direct messages … You choose the columns that you want to maintain in order to make it easier to control your accounts on Twitter.

4.- Social Flow:

Social Flow is a somewhat more complex tool that allows you to automate organic publications for Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

The advantage of Social Flow is that it is a platform in which, after including the sources of content and defining a series of parameters such as the frequency of publications, the tool itself analyzes the data and decides when each content is published according to an algorithm.

Social Flow does not have a free version but it is possible to try a demo by contacting those responsible.

5.- SpreadFast:

Spredfast has a tool to facilitate the management of different channels in social media that has a differentiating feature: it allows to have two calendars :

A calendar to publish what you want when you want in each of your accounts

Another calendar that shows you the best moments to publish according to the platform.

6.- IFTTT:

IFTTT , an acronym for “If This, Then That”, is not specifically a tool to automate publications although some of its functions can be exploited and give a lot of play.

This platform, totally free, allows you to connect different digital tools so that when a photo is published on Instagram it is automatically published on Twitter, for example. In IFTTT you will find hundreds of “recipes”, that is, instructions that connect different platforms already made to which you will only have to incorporate your data so that they work properly.

7.- Schedugram:

In the same way that TweetDeck focused exclusively on Twitter, Schedugram allows you to automate posts only on Instagram .

Schedugram has a cost system that varies depending on the number of accounts but also the number of followers in each account. Thus, the investment can range from $ 20 for programming images for an account with less than 10,000 followers to $ 100 for accounts with up to 2 million followers.

8.- Socialoomph:

Socialoomph is another of the usual tools for automating publications on social networks. In this case, the free version only allows programming on Twitter. For the rest of social channels, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Plurk, App.net or a blog, you will need to hire the professional version.

9.- CrowdBooster:

Plans to manage Twitter and Facebook offered by Crowdbooster start from 9 euros per month of the most basic function, reduced to 1 Facebook account, another Twitter account and a maximum of 50,000 fans or followers up to $ 119 a month from the Gold plan.

However, as in many of the tools discussed, you have the opportunity to try it for free during a specific time. In the case of Crowdbooster, you have a month to know if it is the automation tool you are looking for.

10.- Viralwoot:

Finally,  Viralwoot is another of the specialized tools for programming content for a single social network, Pinterest in this case.

With Viralwoot you will be able to manage your Pinterest account by programming and repainting all your life for free.

All these tools will help you to be more effective in all your social networks. You will save a lot of management time that you can use to carry out other activities and also, they will allow you to have a constant presence and activity in all your accounts without great effort. So do not hesitate and choose the tool that best suits your needs.

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