Get Your Employment Contract in Black and White

Employment law stipulates that both verbal and written employment contracts are binding. Non-written contracts will automatically take effect when work commences by the employee. For employers who wish to ensure that they protect their business as well as acting in a responsible manner towards their employees they should always opt for a written employment agreement.

A contract of employment is an agreement that is set out between the employer and the employee. Employers can detail the terms and conditions of that employment looking at the rights, duties and responsibilities of the employee. Even though an employment contract does not need to be in writing an employer must supply a written statement detailing what has been agreed if the employee requests it within the first two months of commencing work.

An employment law specialist will always advise to keep all employment contracts documented. It pays to have terms and conditions detailed in black and white to protect the company from possible disputes in the future.

The contract binds both the employer and employee to the terms and conditions until the end of the contract date which will have been agreed between them. If either party wants to end that contract they must provide notice. It is also possible to end the contract if mutual consent is given to amend the terms.

Contract terms and conditions can also be included in the staff handbook or on the company notice board and some employers also detail some conditions in the offer letter. Employment law professionals can advise you as to the best format for your terms and conditions and help with employment contract drafting. There are certain terms that are required by law. For example employers must pay the minimum wage.

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