The Basics Of EB1C Visas


Every single year, hundreds of thousands of people, if not millions of them, apply for visas so they can legally live within the United States. Unfortunately for them, many foreigners don’t end up being accepted to the United States for green cards and family visas, some of the most popular and most secure types of visas given to foreigners who hope to live and work in the United States. Foreigners who are currently employed in management or elsewhere under the executive umbrella must be invited by their employer to work in the United States to receive to the EB1C visa.

Let’s look at some other basic information related to the EB1C visa to explain how they work.

The Companies Asking For Imports Of Employees Need To Be Multinational

In order to be eligible for EB1C visas for work-related entry to the United States, your employer must regularly do business in more than one country. The facility you’re moving to in the United States has to be an affiliate, subsidiary, or branch of the company you’re working for overseas.

Here’s What An Executive Is, Says United States Immigration Agencies

As mentioned above, EB1C visas are meant to bring current managers and executives into the United States to work for their employers. To be considered as an executive, you need to have the ability to make decisions in departments, subsidiaries, and branches in other countries, if not all of them. Executives also must look over their employers’ operation on a multinational or global scale.

Let’s Define The Occupation Of Manager

Managers, as you probably know, are on a lower level of the corporate ladder than their ex4ecutive counterparts. The United States’ relevant immigration agencies agree that managers are people who have control over moving around, hiring, and firing employees, as well as controlling how much they get paid. Managers must also keep a close watch over their subordinates’ daily activities.

The best way to not be rewarded an EB1C visa from the United States government is to not understand the eb1c requirements.

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