Top Certifications That Impress Recruiters

This technological world has opened doors to various opportunities soaring across the digital aspects. The availability of digital courses will make you feel like you are learning in the real class. Whether you are preparing for a data scientist job or you want to mark an impressive presence in management related jobs- you will get the entire syllabus structure allowing you to prepare over the internet.

These digital courses offer software, video tutorials, and real-world projects to make you perfect in the area of your choice. Business Certifications, Courses for Machine learning or advanced Artificial Intelligence, data science, human resource, project management etc.; are not just limited to a paper certificate, they also create a great impression on the recruiters. Yes, these courses make a big difference.

But remember all these certifications are not similar. Here below, I’m discussing the certifications which can help you to drive your career growth at an unstoppable pace so that you can emerge as a big barrel of confidence, belief, and innovation. Let’s explore them:

# Project Management Certification:

You don’t have any prior experience in project management, well, don’t worry- this project management certification will help you. With this, you can show your leadership quality and other organizational skills to become a project manager.

Recruiters prefer an employee with project management certification who is capable of managing complex business project problems will multiple approaches to deliver the most effective results. The knowledge you will get from this certification can be applied at the leaders and managers level.

# Networking Certifications:

The demand for network administrator and other security professionals is on its hype. Since more and more organizations are migrating their business over the cloud, they are also facing multiple challenges in running their operations efficiently. Networking certification is the best path to start with.

You can go through CCIE, CCNA, and CCNP, ethical hacking or Network Security like courses and uncover the hidden insights from the connected resources achieving maximized security for them.

Security is the biggest concern of any organization Companies spent millions or achieving the maximized security or their business data and resources. Thus, acquiring such certifications can help you a lot to earn a significant amount from this digital world. You can start with the Cisco certification which is the most demanded among industries.

# Artificial Intelligence Course:

We are surrounded by the technologies. From a simple voice search, we made through a search engine to the advanced pattern analysis- is governed by the technology of future which is artificial intelligence.

AI is currently being used in each level of an organization from achieving security or monitoring to the lead generation and conversion. Companies are using it in pattern analysis, recommendation engine, predictions, face recognition, classification, personalization, regression, and various other aspects.

Thus, if you are planning to become part of this advanced era where things are revolving across the intelligent models and data- you should go for artificial intelligence course accessible over the internet. This certification will help you to explore all basic building blocks to the complex model designing areas with AI.  The global AI market is expected to touch 37987 million USD by the end of 2022 throwing numerous opportunities for beginners as well as professionals.

# Salesforce:

Salesforce certification is trending due to its huge support in sales, marketing, analytics, customer support, and various other key business areas. Tools like Eienstien analytics is developed through AI like technologies with the potential to serve businesses through accurate information gathered by crunching and analyzing millions of data sources such as customer behavior, surveys, finance, personalization data, feedback and many more.

Marketers and sales executives leverage this information to make critical business decisions lead generation conversion and delighting their customers. The power of Salesforce analytics can be seen through companies targeting their customers geographically and attracting them with relevant data sources. Thus, if you are in sales and marketing field, a Salesforce certification means a lot.

# Data Science Certification:

The global data science market is expected to grow at the CAGR of 36.5 percent between 2016 to 2022. Its overall market will reach 128.21 billion USD by the end of 2022. Data science is the art of visualizing information in the form of statistics, graphs, and various other modes. It was observed that most of the organizations are suffering lack of data scientist’s in their work culture. The demand or data scientist talent is growing at an unstoppable pace.

So joining a data science course can be very beneficial which helps you to play with the massive data sets and fetching valuable insights from them. Through it, you can classify and visualize data sets over different computational models correlating them to understand clearly.

We can see how digital transformation is changing our educational culture with its incredible ways where everyone is free to choose the best for them. They can be anything- an architect, security expert, data engineer, data scientist, or project manager etc- all it required is to follow the path of success through availed certification steps.

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