Valuable Job Search Tips to Avoid Wasting Your Time With Scammers!

While attending school students learn many things. Many, many courses are required in the field of the degree you are aiming for. Additional to that, you need to take courses in other general areas such as English, economics, and business no matter what your major is. One topic of learning that is not covered a great is the actual process of the job search.

Knowing how to attack your job search is arguably your most important skill that is required. It can be said that no matter how great and wide your skill set is, all of those skills are wasted if you are unable to get a job where you can showcase those skills. So that makes the job search of the utmost importance.

When searching for a job, it is no longer good enough to just pull out the newspaper and check out the help wanted section. You need to explore every avenue that can potentially lead to getting you a job. The list of options to find a job is continuously growing.

The first and most convenient place to find jobs is by looking at online job listings. Some of the biggest ones include Career Builder, Monster, and Craigslist.

Career Builder and Monster are very large job listings where employees pay a fee to be able to post their job listings on their websites. The fact that the companies pay to have their job openings listed adds a fair amount of security to their operation. There is less chance you are going to be scammed, due to the fact that employers have to make a payment to list a job.

Scammers really like to attack the free listings. Also, on most of these paid sites you as a jobseeker can store your resume online. After your resume is stored, you can apply to jobs with a simple click of the mouse.

Craigslist is a website that is free for employers to list their jobs. There are positive and negative aspects of the listings being free. With the ability to post free job listings, Craigslist certainly attracts many more employers for a much wider range jobs and industries.

However, it does also attract many scams and jobs that are not actually as they are described.

If you decide to use Craigslist to pursue a job, be careful. Do not pay anyone for a job and watch out for “free offers” that are sent to you by companies.

Ask the company to provide you with a website or a phone number to verify that they are a real business, if it seems suspicious. Also be warned that if the job offered seems too good to be true, then it probably is!

Another quality method to find good job opportunities is by attending job fairs. Job fairs are ideal for people on the job search and not yet sure of exactly where they want to work. Many people are uncomfortable in the environment, but in just a day you can attend 10 to 20 interviews.

If you can just relax and perform well in an uncomfortable environment, job fairs are a great place to find a job. Our free report on how to squash your competition at the next job fair will give you a good head start!

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